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All TopDog Phone Systems Have Over 97 Enterprise Features!

TopDogPhone offers a full suite of unified communication solutions to increase employee productivity. Our primary focus is to give you amazing high-definition voice quality and unmatched service uptime. We deliver all this through two Geo-redundant data centers located in the Northeast and Southwest regions of the US.

Features of All TopDog Systems

FREE Systems Include Over 97 Features

  • Unlimited Auto Attendants
  • HD Voice Quality
  • Dial-by-Name
  • Unlimited Extensions
  • Dial-by-Extension
  • Music on Hold
  • Unlimited Ring / Hunt Groups
  • Voicemail to Email
  • Block Caller
  • 10-Digit Direct Inward Dial
  • Find-Me / Follow-Me
  • Call Routing
  • Multiple Phones per User
  • Call Park / Retrieve
  • Intercom
  • Message Waiting Indicator
  • Do Not Disturb
  • Call Reports
  • 3-Way Conference Calls
  • Call Hold/Transfer
  • Call History
  • Custom Outbound Caller-ID
  • Inbound Caller-ID
  • Call Forwarding
  • Custom Holiday Greetings
  • Custom Greetings
  • Never Miss Calls
  • Mobile Softphone App
  • After Hours Greeting
  • Work Anywhere
  • Integration
  • Outlook Integration
  • Last Number Redial
  • Receptionist Web Console
  • User Web Console
  • Announce Caller
  • Whisper / Barge-In Mode
  • Listen-In Mode
  • +  Plus 61 More

Add-On Premium Features

Our Phone System comes with 97 amazing features, but if you need more, then TopDog has it. Our premium add-on’s always come at rock-bottom prices specifically designed to meet any budget. Add call center functionality, web conferencing, voice-mail transcription, conference calling, recording and more.

Add-On These Options:
  • Call Center Functionality
  • Upgraded Executive Phones
  • Toll Free Incoming Minutes
  • Unlimited Call Recording
  • Web Conferencing w/Video
  • Additional DIDs & Toll-Free#
  • Voicemail Speech-to-Text
  • Additional CNAMs
  • Conference Call Audio Bridge
  • Additional e911 Locations

Calling Features Set Your Business Apart!

Take a minute to explore all our standard and premium features below and imagine the possibilities for your business.

Standard Features

Plans & Pricing
  • Busy Lamp Field (BLF)

    This feature indicates which phones on the system are in use by displaying a clear status on your phone display. Each BLF key on your phone also acts as a speed dial.

  • Call Announce

    Call Announce whispers an audible version of the custom tag to you before the call is connected.

  • Call Blocking

    Block calls based on an area code, number or other options like 411 or international calls. Call Blocking is available for your entire account, or just a single extension.

  • Call Conference

    Join an additional person to your call is as easy as pushing a few keys on your desk phone or mobile phone.

  • Call Continuity

    Call Continuity from TopDog Business makes sure that you’ll never have VoIP service interruption – even if the power goes out.

  • Call Forwarding

    Redirect calls to your mobile or other phone so you won’t miss any calls.

  • Call Group

    Calls can be forwarded to multiple extensions that will ring simultaneously.

  • Call Hold

    Easily put a call on hold while you answer another call.

  • Call Logs

    Provides detailed business VoIP call records by extension or account.

  • Call Park

    “Park” a call in a “spot” and have the call retrieved by another extension on the account.

  • Call Pass

    Transfer calls that were taken on your cell phone using Never Miss Call settings back to your desk phone without interruption.

  • Call Queue

    Incoming calls are placed in a call queue until they can be answered.

  • Call Screening

    Know who’s calling before you answer. Send the call to voicemail or transfer it away before you ever speak to the caller.

  • Call Transfer

    “Blind” and “Attended” transfers, meaning you can transfer the call with or without speaking with the other person first. Once the call is transferred, simply hang up the phone.

  • Call Waiting

    Be notified when someone else is trying to call if you are already on a call.

  • Caller ID

    Allow employees to screen calls to determine whether or not they want to take a call at a particular moment.

  • Caller ID Block

    Block your caller ID on outbound calls.

  • Cell Phone Integration

    Forward calls to cell phones and use VoIP functions from cell phones.

  • Click-to-Call Me

    Embed a button into your webpage or email signature that provides your customers with a quick and easy way to contact you.

  • Click-to-Dial

    Seamlessly integrate TopDog VoIP service with your web browser and initiate calls with Click-to-Dial.

  • Cloud PBX

    Because TopDog Business VoIP service and features are hosted in the cloud, there’s no equipment to buy.

  • Custom Call Tagging

    Easily identify origin of incoming calls by adding a unique tag to each published phone number.

  • Dashboard

    Provides real time status of all extensions within your cloud PBX.

  • Directory Assistance (411)

    Directory Assistance (411) is an included VoIP feature that allows you to gather information from listings. Additional fees may apply.

  • Do Not Disturb

    Callers go directly to voicemail when you don’t want to be disturbed.

  • Dynamic Caller ID

    This feature lets you seamlessly change the presentation of your Caller ID with the simple click of a few digits on your phone.

  • Emergency Assistance (911)

    Set an address for individual extensions or your entire account so that responders know where to send help in the event of an emergency.

  • Follow Me

    Calls can be forwarded to multiple numbers that will ring in a designated sequence.

  • Microsoft Outlook Integration

    Seamlessly integrate Microsoft Outlook and your TopDog phone service.

  • Multiple Devices on One Extension

    You can use up to three different phones on the same TopDog Business extension.

  • Music on Hold

    TopDog Business customers have the option of uploading their own music or customized recording.

  • Never Miss a Call

    “Never Miss a Call” allows you to customize VoIP call settings so that you always stay connected no matter where you are.

  • Paging Group

    Broadcast an announcement to your entire team – or just those paging groups you’ve selected.

  • Set Caller ID

    This feature provides options for setting Caller ID numbers – and if preferred, alpha-numeric names – that appear on outbound calls for each extension.

  • Unified Inbox

    Manage your voice, fax, and email messages from a single inbox in your email client.

  • User Portal

    End-users configure and manage their own business VoIP service through an easy-to-use Web interface.

  • Virtual Mailbox

    Used to gather voicemail messages for a particular function or for employees that do not need full phone service.

  • Virtual Receptionist

    The Virtual Receptionist is a free feature included with every account that streamlines efficiency for your business.

  • Voicemail

    VoIP Voicemail is a cloud PBX voicemail feature that allows you to securely check your messages from anywhere, even online.

  • Voicemail to Email

    Receive voicemail as an .mp3 file (audio file) attached to email.

  • Integration

    Seamlessly integrate and your TopDog phone service.

  • Work from Anywhere

    The Work from Anywhere feature of TopDog Business phone service allows employees to stay connected no matter where they are.

Premium Features

Plans & Pricing
  • Admin Portal

    The Administrator Portal is a foundational tool that allows your company’s administrator(s) to fully manage and customize the phone system – and monitor account activity in real time. $24.99/month per admin user.

  • Call Center User Functionality

    Call center users may log into and out of multiple call queues. Call tracking and reports are provided.

  • Call Monitoring

    Call Monitoring is an add-on feature that provides authorized users the ability to listen in on and “monitor” calls, “whisper” to the user being monitored, and also “barge” into the call to help facilitate a discussion. $16.99/month per call center user.

  • Call Recording

    Company-Wide: Set your own call recording rules across the organization and access recordings upon command, with 500 hours of password-protected online storage. $9.97/month per user.

  • Call Recording

    On-Demand: Record what you want, when you want on your own phone extension. Includes 15 hours of recording time, with recordings conveniently accessible on your User Portal. $9.97/month per user.

  • CNAM

    Caller-ID may be added to additional DIDs. $2.50/month per DID.

  • Conference Bridge

    Set up a conference call with up to 30 people using a pre-assigned call-in number. $9.99/month per audio conference room.

  • DID

    A 10-digit direct-inward-dial number.
    $2.00/month aper DID.

  • E911 Services

    E911 services should be added to DID’s to allow emergency responders to identify your location in the case of an emergency. $2.50/month per DID.

  • International Long Distance

    TopDog’s long distance rates are 75% lower on average than traditional carriers.

  • Local or Geographic Number

    Portray a local presence in any additional market by publishing a local phone number in any area code. $2.00/month per DID.

  • Main Company Number

    This number is attached to the main Virtual Receptionist to allow incoming callers to reach the appropriate department or individual by selecting an option from a menu. $2.00/month per DID.

  • Paperless Fax

    Send and receive faxes from your desktop or mobile without the hassle of wasted paper, expensive toner or a clunky fax machine. Incoming faxes are delivered straight to your email. $2.50/month per number. Fax calls are $.035/minute.

  • Phone Number Porting

    Our experienced team will help you transfer your existing phone number from your current provider. $5/DID.

  • Toll Free Numbers

    Toll Free Numbers allow you to be reached by anyone in the US and Canada without the caller incurring any long distance charges. $2.00/month per Toll-Free Number. Toll-Free minutes are $.03/minute.

  • Voicemail Transcription

    This feature transcribes your voicemails and immediately delivers an email with the content of the message written out – accessible on any device where you check email. $3.95/month per user.

  • Web Video-Conference Room

    A web conference service allowing up to 50 web participants. $24.97/month per web video-conference room. Incoming Web Video-Conference Room Telephone Audio Minutes $.01/minute per user. Add up to 8 “live” webcam participants to the web video conference for $12/month per room.

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