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At TopDog, we offer a unique partner opportunity which helps position our partners for success with the dedicated tools, sales and support resources that help you keep your customers satisfied and grow your business.

MSP Partner Program

The TopDog MSP Partner Program is unique to the VoIP phone industry.

This program is made ideally for Managed Service Providers who would like to:

Offer a free VoIP business phone system with unlimited monthly calling to their customer base;

Or make huge profit margins by selling VoIP at regular prices or more importantly be able to.

Yes, it is true that the phone industry makes huge margins. The margins vary, but they are approximately 250-300% each and every month. Imagine offering your clients’ one of the industries most successful and proven VoIP phone systems for free!

TopDog’s system now has over 40,000 customers and there’s more added all the time.

TopDog’s MSP Partner program is unique in that it requires the MSP Partner to buy into the program so the MSP actually has an equity stake in the TopDog business. To get started the MSP needs to invest $125,000. What the MSP receives is the ability to provide complete VoIP business phone systems to their clients for free and also provide unlimited nationwide calling in the United States and Canada each and every month. This is accomplished by purchasing VoIP minutes in such large bulk (millions and millions) which brings the average per minute rate to almost nothing.

Imagine how much your clients will love you when you give them a free phone system with free phone service. If your client is currently paying $500/month on their phone bill each month, they’ll save approximately $6,000 every year all because of you!

In addition, all your small and mid-size business customers that pay you for computer support will love you even more because:

  1. If they have an old phone system and have been dreading spending thousands or even tens of thousands to finally upgrade it, they now don’t need to spend the money. This is huge savings.
  2. If they are currently paying a nationwide VoIP Provider $25/user to $40/user each month, they now don’t have to pay anything.
  3. If they are paying their local cable provider or local phone company for phone service and getting absolutely horrible customer service, now they can not only get their phone service for free, but more importantly, they can call your MSP where they get fantastic service! It’s a double-win for your computer support clients and it’s a double-win for you because your clients are super happy and less likely to every want to leave and find another IT support provider.

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Here's Some of Our 40,000 Happy Customers!

  • “We are an international company and our employees are all over the world, located in Japan, New York, Portland, Chicago, Florida, Ohio, United Kingdom and Sweden. When we decided to shut down offices and take our company completely virtual, we were looking for something more cost effective and needed somebody that could help us with that virtual environment.”

    Mike Coelho,
    Controller, jBASE International
  • “Connectivity is not an issue nowadays … by having multiple connections to the Internet with failover, we’re always connected. Heck, today you can always get a connection… we can be in East Egypt and find a Starbucks and get a connection.”

    Robert Hansen,
    CEO, Fused Armor, Inc.