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Business Voice

  • PBX Phone System with 97 Call Features
  • HD Desk Phone for each user
  • Unlimited National Calling
  • Unlimited Support
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Call Center

  • PBX Phone System with 121 Call Features
  • HD Desk Phone for each user
  • Wired Headset for each user
  • Unlimited National Calling (starting at $39.95)
  • Unlimited Support
  • Monitor agent productivity
  • Barge/Monitor/Whisper
  • Call Reporting
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“The Ultimate Guide To Choosing The RIGHT VoIP Phone System For Your Small Business, Call Center Or Multi-Location Office”

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  1. What VoIP is, how it works and why the phone company may force you to switch to a VoIP phone within the next 3-4 years.
  2. 4 different ways to implement VoIP and why you should never use 3 of them for a business phone system.
  3. Hidden costs with certain VoIP system that can negate any cost-savings you might gain on your phone bill.
  4. 7 revealing questions to ask VoIP salesperson to cut through the hype, half-truths and “little white lies” they’ll tell you to make the sale.
  5. The ONLY way to know for sure if VoIP will work in your environment and in your business.

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Here's Some of Our 40,000 Happy Customers!

  • “We are an international company and our employees are all over the world, located in Japan, New York, Portland, Chicago, Florida, Ohio, United Kingdom and Sweden. When we decided to shut down offices and take our company completely virtual, we were looking for something more cost effective and needed somebody that could help us with that virtual environment.”

    Mike Coelho,
    Controller, jBASE International
  • “Connectivity is not an issue nowadays … by having multiple connections to the Internet with failover, we’re always connected. Heck, today you can always get a connection… we can be in East Egypt and find a Starbucks and get a connection.”

    Robert Hansen,
    CEO, Fused Armor, Inc.